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Scott Baetz

Last Update a year ago

We charge a flat 6.25% fee when you register for a race, the lowest fee of its kind anywhere in the USA. (By comparison, SkiReg charges 6.50% + $1.25 for every registration.) 

Most of this fee goes towards covering your credit card's transaction fees (charged by Mastercard, Visa, or AmEx)—and whatever is left over is how we pay for hosting and maintaining the website. This is our only source of income, since we are committed to running an ad-free site and never selling any user data.

Processing Fee Increase

As your web development family, we pride ourselves in honoring our clients with quality, innovation, and transparency.  The current state of steady inflation is a common issue that is not immune to our company. Due to recent changes in operating costs, on October 15 we will be raising our Processing Fee to 6.25% to cover the necessary charges to continue smooth financial transactions. 

As has been true since the beginning there is a continuous effort to keep operating costs as low as possible for our clients and their customers.

We appreciate your continued support in AdminSports/Ski as your registration platform and web design. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts concerning this change at [email protected]

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